1. Centre for Humanitarian Programmes


Batal Kobakhia, Deputy Director
ul Gogolia 36, Sukhum, tel. 2-55-98 / fax 2-30-76,Moscow tel. (095) 338-43-04


A non-governmental, charitable organization. Conducts programs for the physical and psychological rehabilitation of victims of organized violence (combatants, children, the general population); educational programs (training and seminars for third sector development); research projects on peaceful conflict resolution, migration, and post-war civil society.

2. Rehabilitation centre AIS


Alkhas Tkhagushev, Chair
ul. Gumskaia 6, Sukhum tel. 2-40-96


Conducts physical, psychological and social rehabilitation programs for invalids

3. Sukhum’s Youth House


Elena Kobahia, Director
Abazinskaya str., 106, Sukhum, tel. 2-34-76


Organization of leisure, training and psychological rehabilitation of 7-16 year-old children and teenagers.  The groups study English and Abkhaz, computers, journalism and TV-journalism, psychology, etc.

4. Human Rights and Civil Society


Manana Bzhania, Chairwoman
Basaria str.14- 86, Sukhum, tel. 2-47-49.


Organizes lectures on human rights, teaches human rights in primary and secondary schools.

5. Apsabara Nature Protection Society


Simon Kvitsinia President
ul. Sakharova 71/11, Sukhum, tel. 2-69-54


Collects information on the environmental consequences of the war in Abkhazia; analyzes the post-war use of natural resources; develops strategies for stable development of Abkhaz society; educates children and youth on environmental issues; conducts programs for the study and preservation of rare and endangered animals and plants; conducts ecological monitoring of Black Sea waters.

6. Association "Woman of Abkhazia"


Lyudmila Dzhinzhal, Coordinator
4 Marta str, 92, Sukhum, tel. 2-79-50, fax. 2-42-64


Issuing of newspaper, organization of conferences for Abkhazian women, collecting of humanitarian aid for boarding school.

7. Mothers of Abkhazia Movement for Peace and Social Justice


Guli Kichba, Chairman
ul. Lakoba 21, Sukhum, tel. 2-60-36


Assists in defending the rights of war victims and repatriation of the Abkhaz diaspora; participates in dialogues between the conflicting sides; searches for peaceful means of resolving conflicts.

8. "Scouts of Gudauta"


Raul Chkok, Chairman
Pr.Geroev, 6, Gudauta, ph. 41-68


An independent division of "Scouts of Abkhazia" which participates in the majority of its projects. The Gudauta group organizes mountain bicycling.



International NGOs  

    1. ICRC - Tel. 27905
    2. MCF - Tel. 27478
    3. Halo Trust, Ochamchira - Tel. 873 76 30 34 996
    4. Premiere Urgence, Sukhum - Tel. 27329
    5. UNOCHA, Sukhum - Tel. 26148
    6. UNV, Sukhum - Tel. 26148
    7. Sores Fund Sukhum, Vakhtang Khagba - Tel. 2-72-46