Quotations from the speeches of Georgian leaders


At the UNO General Assembly Session - September 25, 1992

...Not only the rights of the national minorities but also the rights of the citizens representing the majority should be defended, no matter how paradoxical it sounds. Otherwise, we can come across the modernized forms of apartheid and ethno-dictatorship when the minority has the right to dictate its will to the majority, as we have it in the conflict area in Abkhazia...

What shall we do? The Georgians and Abkhazians lived, are living and will be living together in Georgia, on the Georgian land...The pygmies raise people against the mankind...The lilliputians wrapping the Gullivers - this is the reality of many countries including my own.

At the press conference in New York. (After the speech at the General Assembly Session)

...There is such a North Caucasian People's Confederation. It's not a governmental organization, it's a pure terrorist, dangerous, reactionary organization which calls upon people to wage a sacred war against Georgia... But I was talking about the conspiracy against Georgia. I can't say that it is of a planetary scale. But it exists...

From the interview to the correspondent of the Georgian TV during the trip from the USA to Moscow on (September 27, 1992) translation from Georgian.

...We shall get the arms the way they did it in Azerbaijan, Ukraine and other countries. We don't need the so-called peacemaking forces.

At the meeting of the State Council of Georgia, (September 30, 1992, translation from Georgian

...I found it necessary to speak (at the session of the UNO General Assembly) about as well-known to you and to us North Caucasian People's Confederation. It is such a formation which, if it is not eradicated by common efforts, can spread this disease from Bosnia to Tadjikistan. We must give everybody "change", we must learn how to do it, how to give change to the baburins and the like. I don't know if your sense, desire and ability to give a proper answer to those who deserve it, have dulled or not.

At the meeting of the State Council of Georgia (September 14, 1992, translation from Georgian)

...we can't interminably enter somewhere. We have entered Mengrelia, now Abkhazia. We have entered Mengrelia four times. It was a big mistake. We should have entered it once and put every- thing in order...We do it like this: we enter, strike a blow and leave. And again: enter, strike a blow and leave. We should not act like this.

...The main thing that a conspiracy was prepared against Georgia. A serious conspiracy, and it is not an exaggeration or an invention.

...Apart from the economic questions and the need to guide railways and the bridges...apart from this we had to defend ourselves, our people, our Motherland. Thanks to those who were at their posts - Karkarashvili, Pirtskhaladze - we defended and strengthened our freedom and indepen- dence. One more war, one more conflict, practically the same tense situation in Mengrelia. So many victims and destructions here, in Tbilisi! All this will leave trace. We'll have no way out if we don't elect a legitimate power.

Speech made by General T. Nadareishvili, the Chairman of the Defense Council, broadcasted by the Georgian radio

May 13, 1993, translated from Georgian

...I can rather assure you that everything in Abkhazia is under my command. I had meetings at the Defense Council and military units and made a statement that I will never let things go like it has occurred with Sukhum and Ochamchira. I put an order to work out and approve the offensive. I am sure we'll gain ground soon.

As for bombardment of Gudauta, we are just going to make a decision. As soon as they bomb Sukhum we start bombing Tkuarcheli. For example, the day before yesterday, they bombed Sukhum, we used all our systems to bomb Tkuarcheli and launched a blow...So sad fate of Sukhum is nothing in comparison with what we have done with Tkuarcheli. They have numerous victims and ravages...

As regards Gudauta we destroyed it twice by bombing. It was a heavy bombing. They do have numerous victims, but they keep it silent. I made a statement and informed the Russians that in case if they won't stop shelling. I will put an order to destroy the laboratory and their military unit which is on the territory of Sukhum, I never care how big or small Russia is...

I will bring them misfortune, those separatists. Misfortune is a good word for them in comparison with what I'm going to do with them.

I do not hide my feelings and say that I will be fighting to the last until Abkhazian separatism exists, until enemies of Georgia

As regards Abkhazians, I have good relationship with traditionalists and monarchists i.e. political parties, the ones who want to re-establish monarchy and old system. I am heir apparent of the Abkhazian princedom - descendent of the Shevardnadze, family governors of Abkhazia. My children will be my successors. I'm not indifferent about the future of Abkhazians. The fate of the Abkhazian people is a concern of mine. The genetic fund of the nation is absolutely exterminated. More than 8 thousand Abkhazians perished in this war, from 16 to 40 years old. As the process is going on, in 5 or 10 years they won't have increase in population. They say that they are 80.000,   but in reality they are only 50-60 thousand; in five years the number of Abkhazian will go down to 20-25 thousand.

Besides, we were informed that most of them have already left and hope our future fight forward will raise panic making them leave this area for Moscow or any other town in Russia. so, hope only 5 or 10% of them will remain in Abkhazia...

We just think about our town and them as well with regret. That is why we did not score successes. We say that Abkhazians are our brothers. I had never said that, but we do have such compatriots who say that Abkhazians are our brothers and they want to live with them in peace...

I got to know that there are people who tried to hold talks with Ardzinba behind my back.

It's not possible I should say. We should not allow Ardzinba to enter Sukhum, the same with Ozgan, Kapba, Shamba, Achba because they are militarians and state criminals. They must be prosecuted. If we don't take measures today, we shall have this problem tomorrow, your children will have to deal with that. I am going to solve it while I am in power so that the Georgian people won't have the Abkhazian problem at all. Those Abkhazians who wish the Georgians well, and consider Georgia their Motherland, will have a right to live in Abkhazia...

We got 500 automatic guns on my request. I personally asked Shevardnadze and Sigua to give us weapons. They did it. They addressed it to me personally - "Abkhazia. Tamaz Nadareishvili. 500 automatic guns..." It's mine and I distribute it as I wish.

...I see nobody beside me, not a single one of those who were beside me during parliamentary battles. I had followers, but they are disappearing. I am alone now. Psychologically it is almost unbearable. That is why I ask the population, my people to be with me. I probably do not suit you or am not in a good state. I spent nine months in insomnia and irritation - it was difficult for me to stand it. Especially as your own Georgians resist you.

We'll do everything to win the confidence to be called the Government of Abkhazia. We are the Government of Abkhazia but they are the Gudauta bandits, though they are still called the Gudauta flank.

...By the way, there are rumors that Abkhazians said: "Nadareishvili became a General and Karkarashvili the Minister of Defense, so things got worse, we would better lay down our arms".

From the speech of the Commander of the State Council troops of Georgia in Abkhazia Colonel G. Kapkarashvili (he was recently appointed Minister of Defense of Georgia) over the Sukhum TV (August 25, 1992). After this speech Karkarashvili has been promoted to the rank of General.

I am ready to sacrifice the lives of 100,000 Georgians to annihilate 97,000 Abkhazians...And let Mr. Ardzinba not leave the Abkhazian people without descendants.

Speeches made by the Georgian deputies at Parliament seatings

May 4, 1993

Vaja Adamia: "We were planning to send a punitive expedition to Mingrelia, but plans failed as one of our deputies promulgated the plans. Speeches made by some of our deputies are of anti-Mengrelian orientation.

...The punitive expedition that had been planned before concerning Mengrelia would have fatal consequence, just the same as in Abkhazia..."

The Sukhum Radio broadcast

May 12, 1993

The Defense Council of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia made a decision: In view with the emergency situation - to hold up public activities including political parties, public organizations and movements, mass media, that lay obstacles to maintain the order. Their publications discredit state bodies of the existing power, set hatred and political contradictions. Prohibit meetings, demonstration and rallies.

During the state of emergency, the Ministry of Justice (Mr. Benidze) has to halt consideration of applications on registration of political parties, regional organizations and subdivisions and public moves.

Ministry of information of the Autonomous Republic (Mr. Maglakelidze) and the local bodies have to control the work of mass media including audio and video recorders.

Signature: Chairman of the Defense Council of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia Mr. T. Nadareishvilly May 11, 1993


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