About the War and After





        Checkbook Diplomacy Doesn’t Apply to the United States

        There is no limit to cynicism

         Political propaganda under a veil of “scientific objectivity”

        Comment on an article in the Vanuatu Independent: To Tamar Vashakidze and the people of Vanuatu

        Georgia's fine, lofty, useless strategy, by George Hewitt [The Guardian]

        Why Can Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili Not Emulate Willi Brandt? by Liz Fuller

        Secret prisons in Georgia - system of intimidation for the residents of Abkhazia

        Place, Position and Future of Abkhazia in the Second New World Order, by Nikolai Zlobin

        Geneva Discussions WG II: Proposals of the Abkhazian side concerning issues of a humanitarian nature

        Comments of the Abkhazian side on the report from Georgia

        Declaration on Measures for A Political Settlement of the Georgian/Abkhaz Conflict Signed on 4 April 1994

       Abkhazia's archive: fire of war, ashes of history - Thomas de Waal

        Abkhazia and Georgia: Time for Reassessment

        Abkhazia, Georgia, Kosovo, South Ossetia and something called international law

        Address by Sergey M. Shamba, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Abkhazia, to the UN Security Council

        Historical-Legal Factors of Georgian-Abkhazian Relations

        The proposal of Abkhaz side on the comprehensive Settlement of the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict - “Key to the future”

        Abkhazia and EU by Maxim Gunjia - Vice Foreign Minister of the Republic of Abkhazia

        Abkhazia and Chechnya: Separatism and Stete System - Myths and Reality

        Abkhazia's Liberation and International Law

      The Georgian-Akhazian Conflict - Alexander Krylov

        Abkhazian Conflict: Nine Questions and answers

      Geopolitical Aspects of the Abkhazian Statehood: some results and perspectives - V.A. Chirikba

        A notification and evaluation on the increasing speculations about another attack on Abkhazia by Georgia

        Abkhazia is Abkhazia - By Dr. Stanislav Lakoba

        On the Brink of War

        Fast and Loose with Independence

        Post-War Developments in the Georgian-Abkhazian War

        Paul Henze and Abkhazia - Some Observations

        The Dynamics and Challenges of Ethnic Cleansing

        UNO-Documents of Abkhazia

        Resolutions of the People's Assembly Parliament of the Republic of Abkhazia.

        Terror in Abkhazia by Georgian Troops

        Terrorist acts in Abkhazia 1999-2000

        Theory and Experiences of Ethnonational Conflict Regulation: Their Relevance of the Georgian-Abkhazian Conflict

        Some Testimonies

        Occupation of Abkhazia and it's Consequences

        The Georgian-Abkhazian Conflict: In Search of Ways out  by Dr. Viacheslav Chirikba

        An Abkhaz Perspective  by Liane KVARCHELIA

        Vision From Abkhazia  by Liane KVARCHELIA

        The roots of the Conflict  by Bruno COPPIETERS

        Georgian-Abkhazian Meeting in Turkey  - by Dr.Mehmed Bülent Uludagi 

        Abkhazia - Problems and the Paths of their Resolution  by Konstantin OZGAN

        The Role of the United Nations  by S. Neil MacFarlane

        Initial Report on the Landmine Situation in Abkhazia

        Abkhazia: Economic and Political Situation and Perspectives

        On the State-Legal Relations Existing between Georgia andb Abkhazia at the Present Time

        An Abkhaz Photograph by Caucasus Foundation

        Friendship Message to georgians

        Meeting of working group III of the coordination council of the Georgian and Abkhaz sides from 9. April 2002

        Report of the Secretary-General on the situation in Abkhazia, Georgia

        Medecins Sans Frontieres in Abkhazia   (Adobe pdf)

        Abkhazia: stable but fragile